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OAO Samaraneftegaz is the largest oil and gas producer of Rosneft in the Samara region and the second largest in terms of production, after Yuganskneftegaz. OAO Samaraneftegaz was established in May 1994 by transformation into a joint-stock company of the production association Kuibyshevneft. In 1995-2007, OAO Samaraneftegaz was a subsidiary of the Yukos oil company, its management was located in Moscow

Our Milestones

Rosneft acquired OAO Samaraneftegaz at an auction in May 2007. As of the end of 2008, OAO Samaraneftegaz had more than 130 licenses for the exploration and development of hydrocarbon reserves. In 2008, the company conducted hydrocarbon production at more than 110 fields.

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What We Do

To be an enviable breed of professionals providing technical expertise services in Oil & Gas Industries.


To be a world class leading oil & gas supporting firm, a one stop shop in procurement, operational and maintenance services offering needed solutions through expertise technical innovations to Oil and Gas Industries

Our Skill

Engineer the highest safety and quality standards into all our facilities and operations.


Aign with the very best global Oil & Gas Service Companies to bring to Russia only the cost effective and proven to be highly efficient technologies to help develop Russia’s Oil & Gas Resources.

Quality service for oil and gas projects and services.